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Rick Brown joins post team to relaunch Steve Harvey's talk show in LA.

Helmed by Executive Producer Shane Farley (who I worked under for several years at VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live!), Steve! relaunches Steve Harvey's daytime talk show in Los Angeles.

Working at the famous Stage 1 at Universal Studios, the post team helped to define the look and feel of the new show, guided by Supervising Producer Susan Favre.

Once filming began and the show launched in September 2017, we hustled nonstop with tight deadlines and fast turnarounds to edit field packages and other show elements before production, then to cut down the recorded show segments to time, refine and polish them, and create the necessary in-show teases and previews.

Turnarounds for individual show segments were sometimes only a few hours between filming and the delivery deadline.

An intense experience that kept me at the top of my game. It was an honor to be part of such a great team.

Steve interviewing Mario Lopez.

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