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Magic Lantern premieres at the Venice Film Festival 2018

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

After seven months of intensive editing side by side with internationally acclaimed director Amir Naderi, all the hard work has paid off with our premiere at the Venice Film Festival 2018!

Excerpt from Samuele Sestieri's review of the film for PointBlank (translated from the original italian):

"It is, finally, a fable of love, which is fragile and thin… To seek one's love in the empires of the mind and in no man's lands, in the assembly of cuts, in the moments between the images. And when the whole world disappears, only the boy and girl remain, alone. She runs along dark corridors among dust and films, dressed in white, like an angel or a ghost. In this vision we find what remains of the cinema.... Life continues, beyond death - and in the end, cinema lasts through time, survives and returns as an act of resistance, as the last legacy of eternal love.”

Monk Serrell-Freed and Sophie Lane Curtis in Magic Lantern 2018

Me and my wife Monica on the red carpet at the premiere of Magic Lantern.

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